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Truly, a prized photo

I came upon this bird while walking around an area lake on a hot summer day. It was beautifully posed and poised, and every bit as still as the hot, breezeless air that surrounded us.  It /he / she patiently allowed me to photograph it. I was there, close to the bird, for about 15 minutes. It was, yes, one of those moments of communion; a surprise, a treasure, a coincidence of time and space that makes one glad to be alive.

I have never entered a photography contest before, but this year I entered our local nature center's annual photography exhibit, and this image won second place. The prize belongs to the bird, I know that in my heart, and I am only too glad to accept it on his/her behalf.  (I think it looks like a he, don't you?)

I find that animals have mastered stillness in a way I have yet to learn. Their stillness is never static, but dynamic in the way that achieving balance is a dynamic process. They appear both self-contained and fully prepared---to move at a moment…

Random Thoughts on Friday

When the temperature is 111 degrees F, having a hose with running water in my hands makes me feel both fortunate and powerful. I'm not watering the entire yard, but it's a blessing to keep the New Dawn rose and the scarlet dahlias alive in the face of such extreme heat.

Note to commentators, financial and otherwise: Twitter is not going away.  It's a good service and does not take the time that Facebook does. Very practical, great for busy business folks, too. Stop making yourselves look silly by talking about its future demise.

I like Cameron Díaz, but in honor of the many good teachers I know, I am not going to see her latest movie, "Bad Teacher."  Something about that movie coming out when thousands of really good teachers are unemployed just takes all the humor away for me. I will take to heart, however, this quote from her bio:  "Your regrets aren't what you did, but what you didn't do.  So I take every opportunity."

National Resources Defense…

Too busy to blog! And yet....

I hate it when this happens. When work projects log jam and you just have to push absolutely everything else aside. On the other hand, I am so grateful to be working!  It's hard to believe what is happening in the USA right now. The fact that thousands upon thousands of teachers are being let go from their jobs is about as ill a wind as could ever blow.

Teaching is a sacred profession. No family, no culture, no community, and no nation can ever thrive without teachers. They are simply not dispensable.  That they are being "dispensed" in such huge numbers in Texas is distressing.

It leads me to a thought I have had many times. A huge proportion of the American economy has been built on unnecessary consumption. I am still amazed by something I see pretty consistently on HGTV.  A couple looks for just the right home, and the woman usually tells the husband that she cannot share a closet with him (And some of those closets are big enough to be an apartment in some countries) b…

Good Looks at Good Books

I've learned about some really good books lately, in part, from following the blog Reading for Sanity. Oh, what a cool blog! I subscribe to it by email, and it's like getting a piece of my favorite raspberry flavored hard candy when the new posts land in my in-box.  One book that especially got my attention is So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood and What Parents Can do to Protect Their Kids by Diane E. Levin, Ph.D. and Jeanne Kilbourne, Ed.D

Here is the jacket copy for So Sexy So Soon:
Summary:  Thong panties, padded bras, and risque Halloween costumes for young girls. T-shirts that boast "Chick Magnet" for toddler boys.  Sexy content on almost every television channel, as well as in books, movies, video games, and even cartoons.  Hot young female pop stars wearing provocative clothing and dancing suggestively while singing songs with sexual and sometimes violent lyrics.  These products are marketed aggressively to our children; these stars are held up for ou…

I am not a niche ....

I'm in the process of developing other blogs that have themes and directions, but not this one. I know that blogs are good for business, branding, publicity, politics, and much more. But I like to
remember that Blog comes from
Web Log--a log--a record of a journey. 
My journey is a winding one, a spiral, I hope, one that moves upward to higher reaches. In the meantime, I want to know that spiral road by discovering it,
not by goal-spotting it. 
Why am I writing this? I just read great advice on what to do with one's blog, and I don't plan to follow it. I just love being surprised, delighted, and stumped by life too much to tailor this blog.  So, this is just a note to let you know that neither you nor I will ever know ahead of time what will appear here on this white screen.  All the more reason to write,
and all the more reason to read, in my opinion.
So, if you like the great garage sale, car boot sale or oriental flea market of the mind, stay tuned. Because you just neve…