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And so, what's news?

No, it's not a typo in the title. It's a question I ask myself with greater frequency these days. What, exactly, is the news? I saw a headline today: Supreme Court upholds health care law 5 to 4.  That's news. Then I turned on the radio and heard that I was about to hear from experts, people on the street, people who liked it, and people who didn't like it, all letting the world know their opinion on the topic. That's not news. Newflash: Opinions are not news.

I have not turned on the television all day to avoid being exposed to yet more opinions. The moment the facts stop, the news stops. Is there room for good, insightful news analysis? Of course. But opinions do not analysis make. 

I believe we've reached a media mountaintop where most of what comes into our viewing range is opinion, not news; fast thinking, not thoughtful analysis. The continual airing of opinions feeds an emotional cloud that hangs over us and is ripe for storm-making. 

I'm working on a n…

Summer's Coming In

The heat is upon us, that heat that first slows, then depletes us, taking as much energy from our bodies as it gives heat to the earth. We are already on water restriction plans, a necessity. Yet, if I rise early enough, with the first wave of light and ahead of the first wave of heat, there are treasures to be found, some of which you'll see below. Enjoy...

And sometimes the last wave of light yields delights.....