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Since my last post, I have had heart surgery at the wonderful Mayo Clinic, where an interventionalist repaired a rare heart defect I have, and next week, I start rehab to help with the leg problem that had me in a wheel chair and on crutches most of the past year.

The leg problem and heart problem were related, and now with the heart pumping blood how and where it is supposed to, I am ready to start rehab on the leg. Had I not persisted, I think my future would have been considerably shorter than I now have reason to believe it will be.

I am a grateful product of the fruits of perseverance, stubbornness and research. The heart defect caused problems all my life, but was not diagnosed until 2010. I then went to a round of doctors describing my symptoms to have them say that my symptoms could not be related to the heart defect... until I arrived at Mayo, where the doctors listened! And they made the connection and offered a solution.

I look back on my journey with this problem througho…