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Click on Over

You are invited to "click on over" to my other blog, Getting Along with Grief, to read the new poem I just posted by Steven Glazebrook. I enjoy it more with every read. His musical words remind me that we can indeed move from darkness into light.  Not that it is easy--but it is possible. And that possibility is in and of itself a kind of miracle.

A Blessed Easter / Felices Pascuas

Third Annual Poetry Poster is Here

As before, I have created a poetry poster to celebrate National Poetry Month (April in the U.S.).  This one was especially fun and meaningful to make. The photo is of 2 works in progress by painterScottie Parsons. Scottie left us this year in January, but her spirit remains with us--just as the sculpture of the pony you see here, named Spirito. Scottie donated Spirito to a charity auction, where it was the high-prize winner of the night. Scottie had two "slogans," which stay with me. They are:  "Beauty lives." and "My paintings are my conversations with God."

This year, given the abstract nature of my poem "Art Lesson," I turned to translator and editor Patricia Melgar in Argentina for editorial direction on the Spanish poster. Her translation is extraordinary and captures all the subtleties of the English while enabling the message to florecer en castellano.  On both versions, I counted on the skillful assistance of Jeff O'Dell for pre-pres…

The Painter's Voice

Author and Photographer Elizabeth Disney writes about 
a book of poetry to read and treasure.

Triangles of Light, The Edward Hopper Poems by James Hoggard Published by Wings Press. US $16
I’ve always loved the work of Edward Hopper: those architectural spaces that speak so eloquently yet silently. And if people are present in the image, they do not inhabit the space.  The human figure only emphasizes the surrounding emptiness – between them, or within themselves, and the stark  surroundings. A dialogue of silence.
Yet I had never had the opportunity to see Hopper “live” until this year when an exhibition of American painting came to my town, Madrid. (Fundación Mapfre, Made in USA, Arte Americano de la Philips Collection). Then, in the bookshop I came across an exquisite gathering of poems by various authors dedicated to Hopper’s images, The Poetry of Solitude, A Tribute to Edward Hopper, collected by eminent Hopper scholar Gail Levin. On impulse (I’m a chronic sharer of t…

Begin Poetry Month with a Pilgrimage

"Flaming Dahlia" by Cole Thompson Copyright, Cole Thompson, all rights reserved.
I've blogged before about Pilgrimage literary magazine.
Its full title is Pilgrimage: Story . Spirit . Witness . Place.
It seeks to be and do the following:
~a small magazine living the big questions ~a community-in-print serving an eclectic fellowship of readers, writers, artists, naturalists, contemplatives, activists, seekers, adventurers, and other kindred spirits ~a place to tell the stories that matter ~an invitation to inward and outward exploration  ~and an appreciation of the way home
In the issues I've read, I can confirm that the magazine does an admirable job of living up to its goals. It is also a very aesthetic "package"... nicely designed, making the most of good black and white photography and featuring a wide selection of voices.
You can subscribe for $22/ year for three issues.  Pilgrimage  also makes a wonderful gift--for a friend, for a fellow writer or artist, for a c…