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Chocolate Silk Mousse for Your Mind

I often think of healing physical and emotional wounds. I rarely think of healing my thoughts. I have often needed to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, something much simpler to say than do, despite years of practice. I had not thought crystal-clearly about the importance of healing thoughts until I read Debra Engle's new book, The Only Little Prayer You Need, published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company and distributed by Red Wheel/ Weiser, LLC.

First, a confession. I would not ordinarily buy a book whose title tells me what I need, but this book is written by someone I know and admire. Debra Engle and I were colleagues in a PR company years ago. Having that past connection with the author kept me from having my usual stubborn resistance to being told what I need. And, it's a good thing it did!

This small jewel of a book has made a significant change in my life, because it clearly shows me a way to heal thoughts. And, my thoughts did indeed need healing. Thanks to …

Send Los Médicos to Listening School Before It's Too Late

The infuriating, heart-breaking bit of the recent Ebola news stories has nothing to do with WHO, CDC, or poor health care systems. The most heart-breaking part is a handful of doctors' unwillingness to listen and pay attention. Based on my own experience in the health care system and that of my family, this is, unfortunately, a norm in health care, a condition that no law or system has effectively addressed.

Thomas Eric Duncan has died. While people are stressed about being exposed to a virus, precious little is said about this loss of a life and what it means to those who love him. Based on what I hear from news sources I trust, he contracted the virus helping someone whom he did not know was infected. His one simple generous act cost him his life. He deserves the dignity of being remembered as a man, not simply "the first case of Ebola in the US." His family deserves sympathy. 

Duncan told the ER staff he came to the US from Liberia. That one fact alone makes it unthinka…

Meaning Trumps Passion

One thing Glenn Morshower told us in the presentation I covered in my previous post is that our inner whisper will not lead us to do everything we want, but rather to what we want most--to do, to be. Katharine Hepburn said it a different way: "You can't have it all." 

I watched an interview with a millionaire entrepreneur last week who said the key to his success was following his passions for surfing and racing cars. They led him to develop a product line that people all over the world can use.  I've heard the "follow your passion" advice often over the past decade, mostly from financially successful people in the Western world, and more narrowly, who live in the United States. When I hear this, I think, "That makes sense." Then somewhere inside me a cracked bell rings. It's not a false note I hear through these recommendations to follow our passions, but a wrong one. It's a wrong note for five reasons. 

It's Not Universal
First, this ad…