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Bumper Sticker Philosophy

"Take my advice. 
I'm not using it."

"Sigue mi consejo. 
No lo hago yo."


Que no me lo puedo creer:Pole dancing for Jesus. "The Pole Dancing for Jesus class requires that you present your church program from that day to get access to stripper poles, music and fitness instruction." You can read the rest of the article here. When a local church-going lady told me about this article, I rolled my eyes, and I almost--almost--laughed. The pole dancing class doesn't bother me. The idea that it's "for Jesus" is so absurd that it makes an Ionesco play look like a  children's book. Oh, writer of Leviticus, are you not spinning in your ancient grave? Wouldn't it be great if Flannery O'Connor were still among us?

News and My New Blog: Not in that Order

I have started a new blog:  Getting Along with Grief.

Clickhereto read something about its purpose and rationale.  It seems to me that grief is in the air these days:  lost homes, tumbling economies, soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, or suffering injuries that are significant losses, citizens with more heart than weaponry dying to help their countries achieve governance in line with human rights--not to mention that guarantee we are given at birth. None of us stays on this earth forever.  When one of our loved ones leaves before we do, however, we have to keep going, keep living, and create meaning. And to do that, we have to learn to get along with grief, honestly and compassionately. Beginning in late May, I will announce monthly themes for content and contributions. See guidelines on the blog.

April is National Poetry Month in the United States, and I will soon be printing my third annual PoetryPoster!  I'll post the new design on the blog as soon as it is…

The News

The news hurts to hear, doesn't it? Like the tsunami in Japan, it rushes in at us, towers over us. And, in many cases, it hurts twice. There is the news, and the causes behind the news.

The nuclear plant in Japan was designed to be shut down more than a decade ago. The rest of the world has left Gaddafi to his own devices, to clamp down on Libya year-by-year, and to spiral into the twisted, angled universe of mental illness.

Why did Tokyo Electric continue using the outdated nuclear plant? Was it playing the odds in order to save money?

How is it that the United States invaded Iraq, causing some of the same kinds of destruction Gaddafi's forces have inflicted on his own people--and that was allowed? How is it that the U.S. and its allies sit by, while we continue to hear the most gut-wrenching stories about Libyans and immigrants who simply want to peacefully survive? Who are these mercenaries that kill simply for money? Why has no Arab government made a clear statement on th…

Spring Forwards

I take comfort in knowing that spring will move forward at its own pace,despite our human fiddling with the clock and that badly named daylight "savings" time.  A flower looks back at me in the early twilight before the clocks will be cocked forward one hour and reassures me, reinforcing what I already know. We can play with clocks all we want, but Time--hay más tiempo que vida--Time is greater than we are in a way that simply is not to be explained.  May spring spring forward in all our lives--gradually, and at the right time.

Brain + Heart = Mind

The brain is a hot topic these days, and we have amazing access to learning about our own "grey matter."  Many books grant us this access, and some noteworthy ones include: Daniel Amen's Making a Good Brain Great; Antonio Damasio's  Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain(en castellano, Elerror de Descartes); and Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain
Charlie Rose hosted an amazing series of programs on the brain, some of which you can see online. There is much more available, but these examples can certainly get a brain enthusiast started on the path to  deep and accurate knowledge.
There is another really good book, though, whose title does not directly let you in on the fact that it reveals one of the most important secrets to our brains.  The Instinct to Heal(en castellano: Curación emocional) by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber contains information on our brains that, if heeded, can herald a new world in personal and social growth. That …