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Look the Other Way ... to Gratitude

I grew up having much to be grateful for and being aware that I did. I always enjoyed Thanksgiving and loved the idea of holiday dedicated wholly to gratitude. As I enter my seventh decade, I have an ever-deepening relationship with gratitude. I've found it to be the most powerful antidote during times of loss, illness or difficulty.

When I grieve the loss of a loved one, I look the other way--away from the loss and toward the gratitude I have for knowing them and having shared life with them. The gratitude is always greater than my sense of loss. In fact, it is the one emotion I find strong enough to help me battle grief. Gratitude helps lift me from that painful depth and continue to appreciate life, even as I must live it without others whom I would never choose to live without.

When too many projects must be completed at one time, and I find myself complaining about my workload, I look the other way: to gratitude for having good work to do. That the work comes in waves instea…

The Calendar as Colander

Business has traffic patterns no signs or stoplights can help. If you own your business, or if you are in a high-productivity job (and who isn't?) there will come a time when the abundance it can bring causes a crushing stress that outweighs the gratitude you feel. You cannot change the traffic, because if you do, you might punish the business you are building or let down someone who needs you, not to mention lose income. You must let all those cars onto the bridge at one time, and hope the bridge (aka: You)  holds.

I am over-the-moon happy about the work that has come my way this year. Script-writing, book design, editing, translation for hospitals, clinics and other non-profit organizations, marketing for a financial institution. I love all of it and have the added good fortune to be working with outstanding people whom I trust and admire. The traffic of it all, though, has been producing daily panic attacks in my mind and heart. Deadlines collide. Or veer at me. Or I miss the tu…