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Balancing Steps

This is one of my all-time favorite cartoons.  For those of us who are as visual as we are verbal and as verbal as we are visual, it really hits the mark. I have been feeling  out of balance the past few months. I thought--briefly--that I might feel unbalanced because, according to the latest news, I'm a Libra, not a Scorpio (What's next? A special natal-chart shredder), but I've come too far as one sign to turn into another! 

Picking up a rainbow-hued sketchbook made in India that I was given at Christmas, I returned to the wordless world of shape, line, and color. It's a nice size, about 5 x 7 inches. Before picking up the sketchbook, however, I eyed two large canvases in a storage room--eyed them with longing. But, I am still in the throes of my household organizing.  Painting makes a stupendous mess if one's space isn't ready for it.  And, I return to Pamela Kristan's advice yet again for some comfort in the midst of my uneven progress.

I am closer tha…

Nice News for the New Year

It's been a bad week for news, hasn't it? News that has raised issues that pierce the mind, makes us stop and re-examine everything. Yet, Jon Stewart's words broadcast on The Daily Show last night can also make us stop, think, and re-examine. He advised his viewers to be aware of the great "anonymous goodness" that exists in our nation and in the world.

That anonymous goodness saved lives last Saturday when a solitary, mentally ill man became an author of destruction. And, it saves lives every day.  So, here's the nice news for the new year, brought about my lots of anonymous goodness.
Unicef beat its goal of raising $2 million by December 31st, 2010. It raised $3 million. I'm one of those anonymous souls who sent them a small donation, which was doubled by a grantor.  I'm part of that $3 million! I feel rich!  I haven't been able to find a resource to know if the International Rescue Committee met its year-end goal, but I'm hoping they did.

Post Post-Datum

PS: I believe it was Pamela Kristan's book, The Spirit of Getting Organized, that paved the way for my moment of enlightenment in the realm of functional happiness. Although I read it two years ago, it had key concepts that stayed with me, including: how one's surroundings reflect one's values, how "shedding" is creative, and looking at one's natural patterns before imposing organization from the outside in. If you're looking for a path to organization that is organic--natural, fluid--yet structured and flexible enough to make your own, then click on the cover in the post below to make her book your own. I've just ordered her book on time management. Space, time, love--that is what we have!

Sartori and Functional Happiness

"First, you will understand, then you will understand, and then you will understand again."
A spiritual teacher gave those words to me  many years ago. They are as true for me now as they were then.
After reading the latest posts on many of the blogs I follow, I noticed that I was not alone in going into the new year with an agenda of clearing and re-organizing my spaces--both home and office / studio. It must be instinctual, to begin a new cycle of time by achieving greater clarity in our physical surroundings.  Which, of course, are never only physical.

I read once that the Japanese language has just one word for both "house" and "person." Unfortunately, the article didn't say what that word is! The concept stayed with me, though, and over the years, I have come to understand it and then understand it again. I've hired organizers to help me clarify my spaces, and I 've read more than one great book on the subject. Two of my favorites are Pete…

How long ago was this?

The year was 1983. This avant-garde article appeared in a magazine where I worked as editor. I laughed out loud when I found this page tucked away among books on a shelf during my most recent household re-organization extravaganza. Le plus çe change...