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The Shower in the Glenn

Millions of people were transfixed by the television series "24." The show was based on a ground-breaking concept of airing episodes as though in real time. I've just had an amazing 24 hours myself, thanks to one of the show's stars, Glenn Morshower, who played Agent Aaron Pierce. 

I attended a presentation by Mr. Morshower yesterday. To call it a presentation isn't quite accurate. It was, rather, a shower of sharing that honored the rules of a good presentation at the same time it did not obey those very rules. 

Glenn Morshower is often described as a "character actor." Character actors are the core of the acting arts. The performers we call "stars" could not have "stellar" careers without them. They are often the best, most thoughtful practitioners of the craft. Glenn Morshower is a character actor who deserves every ounce of his fame, though we did not see any evidence that fame is one of his favorite accessories. Nor did he "p…

A Call to Magic Sharing

I live in a safe place. No one is shooting at me. There are no bombs exploding in my neighborhood.  I do not need to flee anywhere for my or my family's safety. This stirs deep gratitude in me and no small amount of guilt. I think it is similar to survivor's guilt, though less intense. I am, in a word, fortunate. I like Joan Baez's cover of a song by Peter, Paul, and Mary. The proverbial saying is, "There but for the grace of God, go you or I." The song changes it to "There but for fortune..." I don't believe the grace of God is unequal toward humanity. I do believe that good fortune is.

I am fortunate, which means I have a different kind of responsibility toward life from those who have the misfortune of having to fight to survive under terrible and unjust conditions. I have the responsibility to find what is special and share it, simply because I can,  a duty, if you will, to share joy and wonder, because I can. It sounds like lightweight work, I…

Location, Location, Location

No lo entiendo. No lo he entendido. No lo entenderé nunca. I don't understand. I have not understood. I will never understand the disregard the United States government has now and has had historically toward its neighbors to the south. I am not talking about disrespect. We have a long history of that, unfortunately, which won't be the subject of this post. I am talking about sheer, monolithic disregard for what goes on in the neighborhoods next door. 

I heard a news story today about a Salvadoran youth, interviewed after his second failed attempt to escape to the US in order to flee gang violence. PRI story by Jude Joffee-Block. José has never been part of a gang, yet lives in hiding, because rival gang members believe anyone outside their own gang whom they don't recognize must be from another gang, and if you are from another gang, then you must be killed. "I don't know who you are." Ergo: "I kill you."

Think of José as your tall, thin son who wan…

Observing, Presently

The change in my blog's header reflects an editorial change. During the time in which I have been away, I've had time to consider if there were a common thread among my 302 posts. The result is "El observatorio de Ysabel," or Ysabel's Observatory. I might observe the stars from time to time on this virtual page, but my plan is to observe the goings-on on earth. The title reflects my desire to share observations rather than opinions, with the hope that such observations can lead others and myself to insight and understanding; to be, perhaps, a candle in a window to anyone who passes by. 
To those of you who have continued to visit my blog since I have been away, thank you. Your presence means a lot to me. 
Now, let us climb a mount called perspective, as if we were heading to the McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains of Texas, where I passed some fascinating hours this summer. 

I made my first trip to the Davis…