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L'après-midi and a pond

I enjoyed the rare treat a few days ago of wandering through a friend's garden and the pond at its center. It was a magic summer hour, to be sure. Here, I share a few magic moments with you. Que disfrutes . . .

Images copyright Ysabel de la Rosa, 2010. All rights reserved.

Truth in Taglines?

I paid close attention to the advertising campaigns that aired during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Many of the campaigns fell in line with a trend that disturbs me greatly. We have a law for Truth in Advertising, and it covers areas such as: deceptive pricing, use of the word "free," appliance labeling rules, environmental marketing, used car marketing, warranties, and many other topics. I couldn't find any item that covered outrageous psychological and spiritual claims--which is what many companies and their advertising agencies are making in those tiny little trademarked lines beneath a logo, company, or organization name.

Here are some taglines from the Olympics campaigns and more recent ones:

BMW is Joy.
Proctor and Gamble: Proud Sponsor of Moms
Hershey's Chocolate: Crafted for bliss
Chocolate is good for the soul (Pepperidge Farms)

And the latest one to rattle my cage is:
The American Cancer Society: Proud Sponsor of Birthdays

Whoa. The American Cancer Society has not, t…

The First Life Coach

There's a lot of buzz in today's world about coaches, including life and career coaches. Coach John Wooden was truly the first of them all. He left this world on June 4, 2010, just four months shy of his 100th birthday. He was a winning coach of 10 NCAA basketball championships and played basketball for Purdue in college.

He could motivate without selling or proselytizing. He inspired by example. He lived every word he said. He knew that "work was love made visible." He was an Olympian every day and set the highest standards possible for both star athletes and for anyone else who wanted to, as Wooden advised, "make each day their masterpiece." He was a brilliant coach; a truly good man; a Christian teacher; and would have made a Zen master proud.

He also deserves mentioning because his life and his work stand in such stark contrast to much of what we see in the sports world today. In fact, Wooden is the antithesis to most of what that world has come to repres…

June in Time

We were lucky this year: May was gentle and cool. Plenty of rain, soft breezes at night. That's over now. Triple-digit days are here, with a promise of 107 degrees in a few days. Yet, June has its pretty moments here in North Texas. My mimosa bloomed for the first time. The honeysuckle remains strong. And though I would like to extend May, I know that June takes me one step closer to Autumn, my favorite time of the year.

We can segment time on the clock all we want. We can sell 30 seconds of it to an advertiser for millions of dollars. We can waste it, use it well, or attempt to ignore its inexorable movement forward. Still, even in this digital age, time remains outside our control.

I knew a dance teacher who told his students: "There are two kinds of time: time and counter-time." As I watched the students learn their steps, I understood that even counter-time is still connected to time, still keeps the dancer in constant relationship to time. Another teacher I knew, one…