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A Good New Year to All

May blessings true and tender And joys that bring delight  Be yours this day and render Your New Year fair and bright.

Christmas Greetings

Flash Sale! 24 hours only! No, 5 hours, now 2 ....

Who decided it makes sense to send me up to three different "sale" offers per company per day? Who decided "flash sales" are a welcome opportunity? My next five hours are all booked up, honey, so here's a "flash" for you marketers out there. Normal, busy working folk cannot take time off just to meet your sales deadlines. 

How about a sale opportunity that lasts a week? That would give me time to visit your site or store during my non-working hours, think about what I want to buy and whether or not the sale price is beneficial for me. That sounds soooo 1970s (or 60s or 50s), doesn't it?  So, unsuccessfully slow. It also sounds human. 

It would be humane, even enjoyable, to have time to think about a purchase. The more of my time these marketers rob with their deadline deal emails, post cards and other notices, the less time I'm likely to spend shopping with them, online or otherwise. 

There's another bit of "fall-out" that occurs fr…

In the Spirit of Christmas

I've designed some Christmas ornaments, using images of artworks, stained glass windows, vintage post cards, and other objets that are meaningful to me. My goal is to create ornaments that represent the quiet joy of Advent that too easily gets lost in this busy 21st-century world. A majority of the ornaments are visible in the flash panel above. However, there are more at my Zazzle store, which you can see by clicking here.

If you're missing someone these holidays, have a look at

a beautiful essay by Noreen Braman on my other blog, Getting Along with Grief. I keep calling her words to mind as I hear beautiful Christmas music that I used to sing and listen to with loved ones no longer present. 

Will Christmas ever feel quite right again without them? Of course, it will not. Which is why Noreen's essay about parting words is helping me find comfort.

If you or someone you know will be celebrating the holidays without those who used to celebrate those holidays by their side, Noreen's essay just might be the cup of comfort that they need.