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Peaces of Space

forest journey by scottie parsons

A beautiful new exhibit opens this weekend at William Campbell Contemporary Artin Fort Worth, Texas: "Pieces of Space" by Scottie Parsons. I've titled this post Peaces of Space, though, because Scottie's paintings always give me such a great sense of peace and space.This brief description of the artist's work comes from the gallery Website:

"By rigorously examining planes of color and their relationships to one another on the canvas, Parsons strives to inspire a feeling of the infinite - both physical and spiritual - and to evoke a sense of the human essence beyond everyday life. Each piece creates its own indefinable atmosphere, inviting the viewer to enter, explore, and experience the sublime. "

sky ladder by scottie parsons

Visit the gallery online or in person and experience the sublime in these planes of colors that speak of all the elements of earth and those of heaven, too.

William Campbell Contemporary Art
Scottie Par…

A different kind of terrorist

These terrorists are killing wolves indiscriminately. Why? For the meat? Hard to believe. For the pelts? Wolf fur makes a good fur coat? The thrill? What thrill?

Here's what's happening: Entire wolf packs in the Greater Yellowstone and northern Rockies region are being stalked and killed.Already destroyed isYellowstone National Park’s famous Cottonwood pack.The pack’s adults were all apparently gunned down -- the surviving pups will likely starve to death without their family.

Here's what you can do to help: Go to Read the details. Sign the petition to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. Consider donating to this amazing organization and to its important advertising campaign.

The natural world is sacred. Just as human life is sacred. When ranchers' livestock is genuinely threatened, killing a wolf, or even a few wolves is understandable, even though it's a sad affair. Killing wolves by the scores in a national forest is not right in any s…

A special Quiet place

I found this place by "accident" one summer day. An old chapel on a residential street in a Texas town. Now, when I travel through this part of the state, I go to this place very much on purpose. Where it is matters much less than the fact that it Is. Before I stop at a different spot in this small town to fill my car with fuel, I stop here to fill my soul with Quiet, that inimitable Quiet, the one that cannot be manufactured, but is alive and grows, waiting for us to partake of it as we would partake of a great tree's soundless shade. May you, too, find this kind of special Quiet place on some part of your journey.

Autumn Flowers

Autumn Flowers
by Fannie Sherrick
. . .

You are the last bright blossoms,
The summer's after-glow,
When all her early children
Have faded long ago.

. . .

For a poetic treat, go to Grandma's Family Poems, hosted by Grandma Mary. The poem above comes from that site, which features a wonderful selection of poems. It may inspire you to collect poems from and for your family, too. A beautiful and lasting legacy to hand down to future generations. Thanks to Grandma Mary for sharing.

Images, copyright Ysabel de la Rosa.