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One Part of Haiti Not in the News and in Need

In my last post, I mentioned my good friend Orietta. For many years, she has worked to help children on the Haitian island of La Gonave. Orietta's daughter, Chantal, is on her way to Haiti to help with relief efforts.Godspeed and God bless.

Here is Orietta's note:

Dear friends and supporters,
You have seen the devastation in Haiti .
As international delegate for the Association Amis des Enfants, I am all too aware of the added problem in sending aid to the island of La Gonave, given the extreme conditions in Haiti itself. We expect that the island will receive aid only after the mainland has been secured. You probably have noticed that no mention of this island has been made by the media as yet.

But the effects of the earthquake on this island also promise to be devastating. Food prices will inevitably increase and nourishment will be scarce, as will medications. I don’t envisage doctors being able to leave mainland Haiti and travel to the island for a very long time.

Consequently …

Overwhelmed? Haiti, etc.

Last week I talked about the earthquake in Haiti with my postman who said, "I wonder what the Big Guy was thinking . . ."

What is it about weather that makes us point fingers at God? It would be funny, if it weren't for the intellectual consequences, one of which is that it points us away from human responsibility. This question of human responsibility has more than one angle to consider.

Angle 1: As functional country and economy, Haiti was close to black-hole status before the earthquake. The world's governments at large have let it languish. Imagine what our government might do with one tenth of the Iraq war budget channeled toward building infrastructure in Haiti, or any other of the country's monumental needs. Imagine little Haiti being a top item for discussion at a G20 meeting or a monthly headline in major Western media, earthquake notwithstanding. The "Big Guy" is NOT responsible for 21st century governments finding more important goals…

El tiempo y la vida

Where did the time go?
Where did the time between my last blog posting and this one?
It does not "feel" like more than a month. The time was full,
full of holidays, friends, family, snow. And yet, even knowing
what filled these weeks, I still ask:
Where does the time go?

We are the space time travels into.
Where are we going?

These questions are on my mind with a greater presence than usual today. On January 2, we celebrated our aunt's birthday. On January 8, she left us. Now we return to her home town to celebrate her life from beginning to end, all 90 years of it. Years that were vibrant, creative, meaningful; years in which she cared for, loved, and taught others. She was an adventurous English teacher, as much at home with Ebonics as Shakespeare. She was an inveterate encourager. Many of her students stayed in touch with her throughout their adult lives. She was one of "those" people: those whom you meet, even just once, and cannot forget; and as beautiful as sh…