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Mother´s Day

Mother's Day: A Time to Celebrate Those Who Made us Moms

Thank you to IT Words of Womyn 2016 Anthology for publishing this poem and to Press Women of Texas for awarding it First Place in Single Verse for 2016. Dedicated, of course, to the fierce, bright soul that came to me disguised as my son.  ______________________________________________________

Day 1 Under surveillance, I am monitored moment by moment. Beeps, flashes, signs, green, red and blue lines. It’s supposed to be:  go, baby, go, supposed to be 20 hours ago, but we’re going nowhere− my mouth−dry air my eyes−drift shut
There:  baby in a bin where did he come from, this soul ground from mine and from time, its rhythm interrupted for this bundle of boy? Behind dark eyes, his mystery mind stares at the light. What does he see when he looks at me?

Day 2 Confused by fever bewildered after birth, I do not know the spark in husband’s eye is for the other woman: man on the run. He must leave now, says he will go back to med school, eme…