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Bravery in Full Bloom

These photos came to me in a forwarded email today. I wish I knew who the photographer was, so I could give him or her credit. I wish I knew the names of the American soldiers in these photos, as well. These images are as much a "flag" for me as the actual Stars and Stripes are. They represent the best of who and what our country is, and the spirit that we need not to lose.

War is a terrible, terrible thing, but that fact never causes me to lose my deep admiration for the men and women who go into it on their nation's behalf.

Our government's actions and inactions since 2001 have cost Iraq and Afghanistan and the U.S. dearly. And yet--underneath and within the bloodshed, confusion, loss and chaos, here are these men: examples of courage and caring, examples of what I always believed the American spirit to be: a source of support, hope, and light to others. God bless them, strengthen them, protect them and all those who are suffering through and enduring these conflict…

Braving Spring

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring.
Today we were visited by snow.
I marvel at the fortitude of flowers.
They teach me that each season
of life requires a kind of courage,
a willingness to weather
the weather that comes
our way. Each season asks, in
different ways, that we bring
our beauty to bear as best we can
wherever we find our Selves.

Text and images, copyright Ysabel de la Rosa, 2010.

New Anthology by Pilgrimage Press

I've read a lot of literary magazines in my time and edited a few, as well. I have a very short list of favorites, and Pilgrimage Magazine is on that list. Published since 1972 and edited by Peter Anderson through 2008, Pilgrimage is a jewel of a literary journal. In 2009, poet María Meléndezbecame editor and publisher of Pilgrimage.

This journal blends a special kind of refinement with a deep connection to the earth. It combines great visual images with carefully chosen prose and poetic works. It is a testament to what writer Albert DiBartolomeo said is one of the most important parts of the writing and creative process: "Taking care."

Pilgrimage Press has just released a new anthology, entitled Telling it Real, which includes selections from Pilgrimage Magazine's pages, under Anderson's editorial guidance from 2003 to 2008. Its striking cover was created by Jono Tew. I know this anthology will be a rewarding read and will be well worth its price of $19.95. Or…

Are We Timing Light or Lighting Time?

I dread the coming of Daylight Savings Time. I can vote in my local and national elections, but I cannot cast a vote for two of the most essential elements of my daily life: light and time.

You see, when the powers that be take an hour of our time, they also take an hour of our light. We're told that we get it back at the end of the day, but we don't, because one hour's light is like no other. The hour of light we "gain" by clock-trickery at the end of the day is not at all like the hour of dawn we give up. We can awake at the same time, but not at the same light. And this feels to me so profoundly wrong.

The expression "spring forward" itself speaks to the unnaturalness of this process. We are designed to follow the light as it lengthens our days, allowing it to guide us into a gently expanding pattern of life, moving from spring's flowering to summer's flourishing, relaxing into autumn, and then retreating into winter.

And this I will continue…