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Flowers in March

The Iris are Coming

The calendar has not named the season spring yet, but the iris are not letting that stop them. They are budding, rising, opening their parachutes and blossoming, curved petals floating above stalks now nearly four feet tall. I receive great joy from watching this process, one that has fascinated me since childhood. 

Those buds look so flat, so incapable of delivering what is to come. Bud and bloom change nearly hourly. I take breaks from my work so I can see what the iris have done most recently. I think of them at times as the silent ninjas of the flower world. In silence and stealth, their slices of leaves reveal hooded buds--not more than bumps when they begin. The buds become tight swirls of color, petals spun tightly around their centers, and then open into a shape half-lantern, part-parachute, part temple, every centimeter looking hand-colored as though by a tiny brush held by a Japanese master.

I admire more than their beauty, though. Iris are tough. They survive extreme heat. Th…

Randomly Right

About nine months ago, I wrote in a post titled "Random Thoughts on a Friday," that pundits, et al, were missing the mark when they talked about Twitter not lasting and/or not continuing to succeed.

You'll find some proof for my prediction here at in the article: "Facebook's US User Growth Slows but Twitter Sees Double-Digit Gains." 

How's the fasting?

Just a quick note regarding the last post. I really have driven the speed limit more often than I used to these past weeks. I really have listened to much less news, which has done my mind noticeable good. I stay informed, but I don't listen to any news item twice, and I no longer have the news or the radio on constantly while I am driving. Such small things... a little less speed on the road and a little less news in my ears ... but these small things have helped me feel more peaceful lately.