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The Heart of the Light

"The dark takes form
in the heart of the light,
and reveals it."
--Rabindranath Tagore

Wishing you a beautiful new year,
one with heart,
one with light ever visible,
one with peace for all.

'Tis a Season for . . .

'Tis a good season for quiet, calm and wonder.
A good season for finishing the year in peaceful awareness.
A good season for re-thinking and re-birth.
A good season to rest in night's darkness and
dance in day's lightness.
A good season to remember that
we do not need to consume in order to celebrate.
A good time to remember:
There is no peace that can be purchased,
only granted, only given and, at the same time, earned.

Text and image copyright 2008, Ysabel de la Rosa, all rights reserved.


It's more than colored leaves or that specific shade of blue seen only in an October sky. Autumn is, for me, a deeper spring, leading us into the the Winter season that we often see as an end, although it, too, is a beginning, even if it be a beginning that leads us inward--inward into our homes as they shelter us against the colder air, inward into longer nights, inward into finding and spending time with the light within ourselves. Autumn's light readies us, with its subtlety, its richness. It colors the very air. Even a brick can turn another shade beneath the autumn sun. Even I can turn--quieter, more peaceful--inside this light. And as I have wondered many times before in this, my favorite season, where will Autumn lead me? Where will it lead you? Autumn is not just a time, but also a place we travel through.

Text and images, copyright 2008, Ysabel de la Rosa.

Let's go!

Take a ride, take a break, take a journey, forget the economy, the election, the daily details and stresses and go to C. Andrako's magical blog. It's a real treat. To go up up and away, in beauty, meaning, and style, click here.

Image, copyright C. Andrako

A great new journal to "falls" for

After much anticipation, the inaugural issue of the Wichita Falls Literature and Arts Review is here. It breaks some interesting new ground for its "genre:" it's in color; the slightly oversized pages shine literally and figuratively; and the authors, artists, and poets are given really nice attention for their work within the journal's pages, with photos and bios. Did I mention it is in color? Lots and lots of color. The whole piece has a celebratory feel to it and is a wonderful testament to the riches one can find in a regional community. Check it out, order your very own copy, and otherwise enjoy at WFLAR.ORG.

Back in September

Out for August.
Back in September.
Till then,
Happy Summer Days.

Overdue Looks Part 3

A while back, I posted a quintessential Texas photograph by Elizabeth Hawley. Part of what made her photo so wonderful was another photo that formed her photo's background. I recently learned who took that great Texas photo and want to give credit where it's (over)due.

The photographer is Sean Fitzgerald. To see more of his work, go to Click on Portfolio, and have a good time "traveling." Africa, Guatemala, VietNam, 30 days on a Texas ranch, . . . This is special work, done with an exceptional clarity of vision and a clear and deep sense of appreciation for the natural world. If you've never been to Texas, or been only to its cities and not to its landscapes, then you owe it to yourself to go to the 30 Days on a Texas Ranch portfolio on Sean's site. He truly captures the spirit of the land that is Texas: rugged, uncompromising, fascinating and beautiful.
I'll leave you with this double treat of Sean's image of two hummingbirds in fli…

Messages for Mother's Day

In this age of highly targeted, individualized marketing, the number and frequency of marketing messages I receive about Mother's Day take me by surprise. "Celebrate Mom." "Color your mother's world." "Brighten her day with flowers." These messages come via email, direct mail, and in person. I purchased periwinkles at a local nursery last week, and the store employee who assisted me said, "Just in time for Mother's Day."

My mother died seven years ago. I find it surreal, on the one hand, to receive all these reminders about Mothers' Day--and, instructive, on the other. Surreal, because I miss her still, because her absence is as alive as it ever was. I loved shopping for something to "brighten her day, color her world, and celebrate" the woman who was my mother, my teacher, my friend, and my soul's companion. And instructive, because these messages make me stop and remember . . . . not only Mother's Days past, …

Overdue Looks, Part 2

You'll have reading material to last a long time when you purchase The Weight of Addition, an anthology of Texas poets published by Mutabilis Press, founded and managed by Bob and Carolyn Florek. I haven't been to a poetry reading in years, but recently participated in the poetry reading in Denton, Texas, that featured poets published in The Weight of Addition. I had forgotten how nice, how inspiring, how dramatic, and how essential it is to hear poetry read aloud.

The reading took place at the Center for Visual Arts in Denton, a lively and vibrant center for the arts in this university town, a center that truly serves the community with visual and performing art. If you live nearby, think about becoming a member, or at least pay a visit to see the exhibits by renowned artists in many media.

The next reading featuring poets published in TWOA will take place at Follett's Intellectual Property (what a great name for a book store) in Austin, Texas, Friday, April 25, 5 p.m.


No Corner on Crucifixion

Feeling overwhelmed (and underprivileged) by the political scene in the United States has made me reconsider certain areas of my life. It has made me ask, as I imagine Zen Master Suzuki would be asking his students now, "How will I shine my corner of the world?"

While I believe that acting in the political environment is crucial, I increasingly find myself in a political environment where I believe that my action matters little. In the midst of the hub-bub, there are oh so many voices talking to us about politics, providing insight, direction, desperation, confusion. I will never not vote . . . but I have been feeling that my one vote only barely constitutes action for a better world on my part.

Then, I thought of the Dalai Lama, probably the most advanced spiritual leader on our planet at this time. A leader in the country of souls, the place where we all hold citizenship and there are no "aliens." He is a man of great intelligence, warmth, high spiritual awareness…

Felíz Día del Amor y de la Amistad

Two Hearts Grown Tall
Ysabel de la Rosa, 2008

Once again, we find deep meaning in a small turn of language from our neighbor to the south. In Mexico, Valentine's Day is also called The Day of Love and Friendship. Can either ever truly exist without the other?

Overdue Looks, Part 1

I have been meaning for some time now to draw attention to some very special literary magazines. The first is Eclipse. This is edted by Bart Edelman and published at Glendale Community College in Glendale, California. It is published annually and is quite a treat. I thought the cover of their 2007 edition was riveting. When the journal arrived in my mailbox, I took it out and just stared at the cover a good long while. The cover art is by Jean Jack, and the design by Greg Parks. Susan Cisco designed the interior of the publication. All beautiful work.

Some of the writers and selections I enjoyed most in this issue:

J. R. Solonche, Portrait of the Dickinson Children, Silver
Emily herself would have appreciated Solonche's perceptive translation of her physical being.

Robert Gallagher, Papa Dog
Great use of rhythm.

Jackie Bartley, Time at the Speed of Light: An Apology
Artful writing about love, not something easy to do.

Allison Carb Sussman, At the Roman Colosseum
Her last stanza is a poem …


These photos were taken recently by photographer and artist Robert Greeson in Antarctica. I stopped breathing when I saw them for the first time. They are unaltered--as our earth also needs to be. Enjoy them. Contemplate them. Appreciate them and the world they reveal, the world it is up to us to preserve, honor, and protect.

Images copyright 2008, Robert Greeson, all rights reserved.

Welcome to the New Year

The merry year is born
Like the bright berry from the naked thorn.
--Hartley Coleridge

New Year´s Day is every person´s birthday.
--Charles Lamb

Be at war with your vices,
at peace with your neighbors,
and let each year find you a better person.
--Benjamin Franklin

Photo by Ysabel de la Rosa, copyright 2007.