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Overdue Looks Part 3

A while back, I posted a quintessential Texas photograph by Elizabeth Hawley. Part of what made her photo so wonderful was another photo that formed her photo's background. I recently learned who took that great Texas photo and want to give credit where it's (over)due.

The photographer is Sean Fitzgerald. To see more of his work, go to Click on Portfolio, and have a good time "traveling." Africa, Guatemala, VietNam, 30 days on a Texas ranch, . . . This is special work, done with an exceptional clarity of vision and a clear and deep sense of appreciation for the natural world. If you've never been to Texas, or been only to its cities and not to its landscapes, then you owe it to yourself to go to the 30 Days on a Texas Ranch portfolio on Sean's site. He truly captures the spirit of the land that is Texas: rugged, uncompromising, fascinating and beautiful.
I'll leave you with this double treat of Sean's image of two hummingbirds in fli…

Messages for Mother's Day

In this age of highly targeted, individualized marketing, the number and frequency of marketing messages I receive about Mother's Day take me by surprise. "Celebrate Mom." "Color your mother's world." "Brighten her day with flowers." These messages come via email, direct mail, and in person. I purchased periwinkles at a local nursery last week, and the store employee who assisted me said, "Just in time for Mother's Day."

My mother died seven years ago. I find it surreal, on the one hand, to receive all these reminders about Mothers' Day--and, instructive, on the other. Surreal, because I miss her still, because her absence is as alive as it ever was. I loved shopping for something to "brighten her day, color her world, and celebrate" the woman who was my mother, my teacher, my friend, and my soul's companion. And instructive, because these messages make me stop and remember . . . . not only Mother's Days past, …