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"He Says Much Who Says Evening"

I first read that line in Lesley Blanch's book,
Journey into the Mind's Eye.
While taking a twilight walk this evening
after a long day of rain,
this flowering bush said much to me.

"Quien dice crepúsculo, dice mucho".
Es un dicho que encontré hace uno años en un libro
de la autora Lesley Blanch, Journey into the Mind's Eye.
Mientras caminaba durante el anochecer,
después de un día de lluvia,
me econtré con este arbusto en flor y
me decía mucho.

New Stuff on Site

Updates to My Website
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And So September

has come to us quietly on the Southern Plains. The light has "turned"--not turned a color, but simply turned, shifted. Its quality has changed. It is less dense than August light, more revelatory and less penetrating.

And, although I purchased a Nook and think it's both useful and cute, I continue to turn real pages in three-dimensional books, latest among them:

Isabella of Castile: The First Renaissance Queen by Nancy Rubin
The Message: Proverbs, one of my favorite books in the Bible.
Texas Highways Magazine
España Mística, Photographs by Ortiz Echagüe
The Ecstatic Kabbalah by Rabbi David Cooper
Lone Star Man by Harold Preece
The Shallows by Nicholas Carr
The Father of Spin: A Biography of Edward L. Bernays by Larry Tye

All great reads. Making me feel like I'm once again going back to school, learning and exploring.
And making good use of September light.