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A Quote for All Time

I just received this from a friend and think it well worth sharing:

"Part with self-conceit, for it is impossible
for anyone to begin to learn
what he thinks he already knows." -- Epictetus

Un homenaje fotográfico

These photos by Argentinian photographer Eduardo Longoni are true works of communication. They provide a look at the life of author Mario Benedetti that is both intimate and respectful. Each is a story in itself. My thanks to Sr. Longoni for his permission to post these photos here. You can see more of his work at his website. (English and Spanish)

Mario Benedetti en El Café Brasilero, Montevideo, Uruguay

Estas fotos del fotógrafo argentino Sr. Eduardo Longoni son obras profundamente comunicativas. Nos ofrecen una mirada a la vida del escritor Sr. Benedetti que es a la vez íntima y respetuosa. Cada foto es una historia en sí, historias que se cuentan sin palabras. Gracias a Sr. Longoni por su permiso para colocar estas fotos en mi blog. Puedes ver más de su obra y aprender más sobre su trayectoria profesional y artística en susitio web.

Escritorio de trabajo de Mario Benedetti / The writer's desk

Because everything we say and do is the length and shadow
of our own souls, our influence…

Arrivederci, Sr. Benedetti

I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw the news on Letralia. The beloved author, poet, critic, and humanitarian Mario Benedetti left this earth on May 17. He suffered for some time from lung and other problems. He died at home in Montevideo, Uruguay--a country where he was not able to make his home for many years of his life.

Here are some links where you can learn more about Sr. Benedetti:
Letralia a wonderful literary magazine published in Venezuela (Spanish). CBC News Story (English). A Wikipediaentry (English) gives an overview of his works and short biography. Click on the photo above to visit the Cervantes Institute page on Benedetti (Spanish).

Here's avideowith Mario Benedetti reading, "And if God were a woman?". The poet uses Juan Gelman's question as the starting point for this poem. Warm and comforting as it is confrontational and startling, this poem speaks straight to Men about the Divine Feminine--not as a replacement for the Divine Masculine, but …

May Flowers

This tulip appears to be in prayer, folded inward, becoming ready to open,
and then to bless the eyes lucky enough to see it blossom.

How do I love hydrangeas? I could not count the ways! Their bounty amazes me, great clouds of flower, made up of small and perfect blossoms. Colors ethereal, pastels never had such strength
as in the petals of this flower.

A mum in spring. I like the contrapuntal thought of this, paired with the hardy Peruvian Lily.

And one of the world's great treasures: the interior world
of the iris.


How glad I am to have the company of these creations,
to be in the presence of
their color, their light, their beauty.

Images, copyright Ysabel de la Rosa, all rights reserved.

Merry May

As I type these words, the birds outside my upstairs window sing to each other. A hawk just swooped by in the clear blue sky. And speaking of blue, this color was never more beautiful than in Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, created by the brothers Limbourg. Here, the Duke's party are on a merry May outing. The subject of one of my most cherished research papers, I'll reserve any further comment on the book or even this one plate. I invite you instead to spend some quality time with this image, explore its dynamic stillness even as its subjects "move" to their destination, drink in these colors, rich as any jewel, and enjoy.