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2 Birds, a Cat and a Tree

Having grown up in Texas, I'm no stranger to long, hot summers. (I used to think about people summering in New England with some envy. They could wear shirts with sleeves and not suffer!) Our past two Texas summers, however, have been more than, other than long and hot. It makes my thoughts heavier to know that other states have endured the same conditions that Texans have. The worst of those summer conditions is drought.

A cloudy day--something I always appreciated for the way in which its light reveals deeper saturation of colors--is now a source of joy and gratitude for me. It's not rain, but it at least shields our struggling vegetation and dehydrated wildlife from the sun's relentless searing. This year, as last, I built "clouds" for some of my plants. The New Dawn rose has a wood and cardboard tent over its western side. 

Even the lantana, a plant that thrives in hot summers, is now covered. If I had something large enough to shield my mimosa tree, it would b…