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I've been reading Julia Cameron's The Sound of Paper. A beautiful book. She is the now-famous author of many books, so well-known that I think even posting a link here is unnecessary. After that book, I began reading her trilogy, The Complete Artist's Way: Creativity as a Spiritual Practice. Cameron shares her inner life with her reader in a remarkable way, including how she hears God speaking to her. No, not the delusional kind of God-speak, but the quiet, honest, and undeniable kind. I believe that Charles Wesley described it amazingly well when he wrote these lines:

"Thou callest me to seek thy face. 'Tis all I wish to seek;
To hear the whispers of thy grace, and hear thee inly speak."

Did you "start" at the same word that has always made me "start" in this hymn, entitled "Talk with Us, Lord?" Inly. Not inwardly. Not toward the interior, not aiming for the "in" within us, but going there directly. Inly.

When I first r…

What about to have a red book?

Madame Fortune's Cookie Jar by Ysabel de la Rosa

What about to have a red book in your life? This is how Brazilian writer Beto Pelaio's latest post title reads, and I love it. Beto has a thoroughly interesting blog at outsiderwriters. His title today captivates my ears and my inner sense of rhythm.

He is speaking of the new red book by Carl Jung. A book, which I would not recommend to many, though I understand both its value and its appeal. You can read all about it in the New York Times Magazine's excellent article on the subject, written by Sara Corbett.

What is equally as important as Jung's inner discoveries (in my opinion, of course) is the delicate twist of discovery Sr. Pelaio has given to English--a language so much more flexible than it is frequently given credit for. He makes me want to ask:

What about to have a red book?
What about to have an ice cream?
What about to have a masked ball?
What about to hold someone's hand?
What about to lie on the grass and loo…

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Above illustration from Stories of the French Artists.

In memoriam

September 11, 2001

DreamBones #3
by Shelia Campbell

a voice comes tunneling
between the skyscrapers, and men
hunt down corners
to hide in, hoping the sound
is some new alert and not the last

children in the park drop
their toys and, looking up

leaves uncurl their ears
in wonder, making cover
for the terror-stricken

no four horsemen of the apocalypse
no fire, no sword, no cracking
of the earth
just a voice tunneling between
the skyscrapers, a wind moan
amplified, asking


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Poem, Copyright Artis Lingua, 2005, all rights reserved.
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Bottom photo by Melissa Day from

Hearing Hope Whisper

Isn't that how hope usually speaks to us? In a whisper? In the still, small voice after the great winds have passed? Sometimes that whisper is just enough, sometimes it is all we have, yet whether just enough or all we have, it is always alive. That is the nature of Hope.

Lynn Johnston of Whispering Angel Books has just published an anthology entitled Hope Whispers. Two of my poems are included in the anthology, and they're in great company in this inspirational book that includes work by: Glenda Barrett, Linda O'Connell, Francine L. Bilingslea and Perry P. Perkins, along with Pushcart Prize nominee, Lyn Halpern and Pulitzer Prize nominee, Ed Roberts.

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