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Life By Degrees

I've recently had the opportunities to connect with faraway friends with comfortable, unhurried phone visits. What a joy! Although the conversations took place in different languages, some of our topics were the same. We agreed that life is graduate school, that we each have our own doctorates...maybe we each have several! No, we don't have certificates on the wall; instead our knowledge goes with us and stays within us, wherever we may be.

When I see life as school, my perspective on many people, events, and places changes. When I understand that everything makes its way into learning and learning keeps us growing, then I am able to find gratitude in moments I would not think possible to be grateful for.

If you're reading this, my guess is that you, too, have an internal, school-of-life Ph.D. What subject is it in? And are you sharing your learning and wisdom with others? Please do!