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Start Hugging

The sirens should have sounded. The wind was straight-line and coming in at 94 miles an hour at 3 a.m. No rain. No thunder. Just that sound. That sound that people on the plains know means a tornado is possible, if not imminent. That supernatural train-like roaring moan.
But the sirens did not sound. The first mechanical sound after the storm was that of chainsaws, so many of them going at one time, that all one had to do was walk outside and be overtaken by the noise.
As silent as the sirens, the trees took the hard edge of the destructive wind. Some lost limbs. Some were split in half, top to bottom. Others were toppled, roots and all. One tree had a 9-foot spread of roots, now lifted up to the air.

Trees. Those great beings that cannot run. That give us shade, shelter, fruits, color, memories and places to climb and swing. They're hurting now. They can't go inside from storms.

Time to go hug these trees, the survivors, the wounded, the lost.
Afraid someone will call you a tree h…

The Mightiest Army: In Need

Last night on BBC World News, a reporter called the US Army "the mightiest in the world."

Just before the newscast, I had gone through the mail for the day. I had received yet another request to donate money to US military, this time to soldiers in Iraq. At least three times a week, my mail contains a solicitation to donate funds to US military personnel and/or related veterans groups. Some letters request donations to paralyzed or disabled veterans. One makes requests especially for seriously burned veterans. The requests to donate money specifically to support the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are increasing. I am 1000 percent behind supporting our military, in peace or in war. I have no problem making donations or encouraging others to do so.

But one question haunts me. Why is it that the "mightiest army in the world" needs charity? How is it possible for our government to so mistreat the very men and women on whom we depend to be the first and last line of def…

Local Color(s)

The Texas wildflowers are wonderful this year, thanks to the
extra rain. To see flower photos, visit Texas Highways.
For a different kind of local color, I present the following photos
from travels along Texas highways and byways.

Ant Street Auction House / Brenham
Flamenquera a la venta

Shop Window / Hico
A donkey for sale--and fresh fudge.
Mmm . . . .??

Main Street / Hico
Where "Cowboy Rumba" and other classics are piped
through loud speakers all day.

Display Window / Hico
"Cat's meow" home accessory, just $317.

Sugar Moon Antiques / Hico
These two made-in-Mexico musketeers came home with me.

Artist's Studio / Brenham
Gets the prize for local color on this trip.

Images, copyright 2007 Ysabel de la Rosa, all rights reserved.