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Let's go!

Take a ride, take a break, take a journey, forget the economy, the election, the daily details and stresses and go to C. Andrako's magical blog. It's a real treat. To go up up and away, in beauty, meaning, and style, click here.

Image, copyright C. Andrako

A great new journal to "falls" for

After much anticipation, the inaugural issue of the Wichita Falls Literature and Arts Review is here. It breaks some interesting new ground for its "genre:" it's in color; the slightly oversized pages shine literally and figuratively; and the authors, artists, and poets are given really nice attention for their work within the journal's pages, with photos and bios. Did I mention it is in color? Lots and lots of color. The whole piece has a celebratory feel to it and is a wonderful testament to the riches one can find in a regional community. Check it out, order your very own copy, and otherwise enjoy at WFLAR.ORG.