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Iron Lady a Hard Film

I was intrigued by the trailers for Iron Lady, starring Meryl Streep. The scenes were dramatic, elegantly composed, and powerful. I don't know when I have felt so let down by a movie, though, as by this one. Perhaps that is because the trailer and other publicity have not dared to indicate what at least half this movie is really about.

The acting is superb. Not only does Streep deliver her customary and impeccable artistry, but her co-stars do, as well. Harry Lloyd is such an appealing young Dennis Thatcher, I nearly had a crush on him by the end of the movie. Alexandra Roach is enchanting as a young Margaret Roberts, and Jim Broadbent is well up to the task of partnering with Streep, playing a ghostly Dennis to an addled and struggling Margaret.

The disappointments are buried deep in the film's construction. The movie acts more like a Christmas pageant or a tableau than a movie, one scene appears after another, flashbacks interrupting quite predictably, but without a strong sto…

Signs and Wonders: Contributors Invited

Do you have a story, essay, poem, photograph or other kind of image of a sign or wonder that has appeared in your life, after the departure of a loved one? 

If you do and you'd like to share it with others, visit Getting Along with Grieffor details.

New Batch of Images on Flickr

Ysabel de la Rosa's photostream on Flickr. Started the New Year by uploading some new images to Flickr. Bison, tigers and lions, oh my, with some tranquil flora and architectural scenes mixed in. Onlookers welcome.