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Ysabel de la Rosa's Flickr Additions

Ysabel de la Rosa's photostream on Flickr. Stop by for some nature views. My favorite is my image of Phoenix, a one-year-old eagle at the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota.

The Rest of the Summer Story

The watering paid off! The tree that had turned a sick-yellow and lost numerous branches is now a vibrant green, with lots of new leaves reaching for the sky. I'll nurse it for a few more days until the Texas September cools down. In the meantime, I find looking at it through my front windows twice the joy that it used to be.

The dead tree across the street--as fate would have it--split in three pieces and fell on the house the day after I took the photo of it posted in the previous entry (detail). It missed the Lexus parked in the driveway by inches. The Lexus was moved to where it is in this photo, and then another large branch fell, just missing it again. The tree continued to split and crash until the landlord sent a crew to cut it down about a week after the first split occurred. To the left in the photo you can see what remains of a once-stunning red oak in the yard next door. About a quarter of it is still alive.

I'll never understand people's disregard for trees, …