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2005 Year in Review

Your Journey, Your Journal

Poems published:
Trans in Flashquake
Dark Cheer in Amherst Review
Let Us in Wisconsin Review
The Order in Which in Confluence
To Orient and Advise in 2005 HerMark Datebook

A Destiny Beyond Her Dreams: A profile of Fabiola Gaviria
Ingeniero de su propio futuro: A profile of Arquímedes Valencia
Un éxito nacido de la esperanza: A profile of Gladys Clímaco
The Dream Around the Corner: A profile of Fausta Licona
All published in Success from Home /¡Éxito! desde su hogar

Special Sections:
Setting the Course Toward Home
Values for Your Family's Future
Published in Private Clubs Magazine

DreamBonesby Shelia Campbell, edited and designed
by Ysabel de la Rosa

Other Projects:
A Sense of the Southwest
American Studies Association of Texas
Conference Program

From Press Women of Texas
Madrid and Back Again: Full Car-ma
First Place, Essay Written for the Web

From National Federation of Press Women
The Fabric of the Frontier
First Place, Video Script