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A Thankful and Thoughtful Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
¡Feliz Día de accíon de gracias a todos!

In the olden days, when our family gathered for Thanksgiving and there was no "Black Friday" (what a foreboding name), we had time and leisure. We didn't spend money. We spent time--with each other. And during that time, we made it a point to tell family members and friends about our gratitudes in life. "And what are you thankful for this year?" my father would ask each of us at the dinner table.

One of the many things I am thankful for are the readers of this little blog. Thanks for the comments you post and send. Thanks for sharing this space and time with me. You do so much to keep me from feeling like that tree in the forest that fell--and no, no one heard it!

As a thank you to you all, I´m posting the camera-ready art that I created for my Thanksgiving Card this year. Click to enlarge the image at the beginning of the post, and you´ll have the card exterior. Click on the image below, and …


Well, I'm on my way to the post office, and I'm mailing out two copies of Living Lessons to two bright and beautiful women who I am now lucky enough to have following my humble blog.

For you writers out there, visit the Whispering Angels site to learn about publishing opportunities for their next anthology, Nurturing Paws.

New from the Whispering Angel of Books

Just published: Living Lessons, the latest anthology from Whispering Angel Books and Editor Lynn Johnston. It's a beautiful book of stories and poems about what we learn from family, friends, teachers--and maybe a whispering angel or two. My essay, "Lasting Lessons from a Little Sister," is included. The book sells for $16.95.

Living Lessons makes a great gift, and I'd like to give one to a deserving reader. What do you have to do to "deserve" it? It's ever so simple--and free! Become the 15th follower of my little ol' blog, and the book will be in the mail to you post haste. It would make me feel so complete to see that third row of followers filled in--three rows of five. Symmetry is sweet!

So . . . . if you follow, I will lead myself to the post office, and you will be gifted with a unique and meaningful book.