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De regalo

You've probably seen one of the Free Hugs videos. I saw one from Mexico last week, and once again found myself richer for a language lesson. The Spanish phrase for Free Hug is Abrazo de regalo. De regalo. It means as a gift. There is no reference to cost or no-cost. It is a gift.

It set me thinking, in this season marked by giving--this season often turned into buying in order to give--how so often our lives fall into patterns of sales. Sell and succeed. Buy and own. If we buy enough services and "stuff" from each other, we will all be successful, so the current culture says, acts, advises.

But what if? What if we just gave? Let's say I need shoes and you need a coat. What if I give you a coat that I have that I don't need and you give me a pair of shoes? What if I need an understanding ear, and you need someone to pick up soup for you at the store because you have a cold and shouldn't be out in the weather? What if you listen to me and my dilemma for an hour, …