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Have a Go at Anderbo

Anderbo is a fine online literary journal. Its new issue went online just recently. You can read the poetry section here, or start from the beginning at Anderbo's opening page here. Esquire thinks it's a good read, and that's high praise. I especially like the magazine's very clean and simple design. It's a refreshing change of pace from so many Websites and pages that lead to eye-bouncing. Anderbo's layout is streamlined, seamless, invites reading and re-reading. Enjoy.

About those medical records

Recently, I had some medical tests done in our local clinic. The clinic is moving to a paperless medical records system, and not until today, did I realize what this cost-saving measure insisted upon by our government may be costing us, the patients.

I asked for a copy of the results of the test, and the technician said, "I'd love to print that out for you, but I can't. It's all staying in the computer now."

All right--so someone saved some paper. Not all right--I don't "own" my medical records. The clinic does--in their computer. What if I change doctors? They can send those records electronically to another doctor, I'm sure. And that doctor will keep them in his or her clinic's computers. What will it take for me to have easy access to them? Just two years ago, I was able to walk into the clinic's medical records center and obtain paper copies of any and all of my medical records, so I could keep them in my files. It dawned on me today,…

B for Bastille Day, B for Black & White

Today, on Bastille Day, Turner Classic Movies aired the 1938 Marie Antoinette with the talented elenco of Norma Shearer, Tyrone Power, Robert Morley and others. Aside from the very good performances of its actors, the movie is a visual delight, in almost every single frame. This, thanks to the cinematography team of Leonard Smith, George Folsey, and Slavko Vorkapich.

Almost every single moment would create a perfectly composed still photograph. Many of the shots included time and space enough that my eye had time to roam a scene, to appreciate the costume details, the expressive shifts within an actor's gaze, and to place myself in the scene in my mind's eye.

Tight shots never gave up all space, as many video images do today, where we see nothing but lips or eyes, or just a slice of a human face, filling the screen. No, context was never lost in this film. I found myself thinking how luxurious it was to allow my eye to revel and relax in the many shades of black, white, grey--…

Pequeño diccionario de sinónimos

Hermanita / Little Sister





Alma gemela







No te digo adios, hermana mía, sino hasta que nos volvamos a ver . . .
hasta la próxima, esté donde esté.

Te quiero.

I was blessed with a wonderful sister who left this earthly plane on June 23 of this year. She was a sister full of synonyms: a treasure, a gift, a joy, a confidante, a companion, a twin soul, a beauty, an explorer, a cowgirl, and much more. But first and last, she was a sister to me--and will always be.