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No Corner on Crucifixion

Feeling overwhelmed (and underprivileged) by the political scene in the United States has made me reconsider certain areas of my life. It has made me ask, as I imagine Zen Master Suzuki would be asking his students now, "How will I shine my corner of the world?"

While I believe that acting in the political environment is crucial, I increasingly find myself in a political environment where I believe that my action matters little. In the midst of the hub-bub, there are oh so many voices talking to us about politics, providing insight, direction, desperation, confusion. I will never not vote . . . but I have been feeling that my one vote only barely constitutes action for a better world on my part.

Then, I thought of the Dalai Lama, probably the most advanced spiritual leader on our planet at this time. A leader in the country of souls, the place where we all hold citizenship and there are no "aliens." He is a man of great intelligence, warmth, high spiritual awareness…