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It's more than colored leaves or that specific shade of blue seen only in an October sky. Autumn is, for me, a deeper spring, leading us into the the Winter season that we often see as an end, although it, too, is a beginning, even if it be a beginning that leads us inward--inward into our homes as they shelter us against the colder air, inward into longer nights, inward into finding and spending time with the light within ourselves. Autumn's light readies us, with its subtlety, its richness. It colors the very air. Even a brick can turn another shade beneath the autumn sun. Even I can turn--quieter, more peaceful--inside this light. And as I have wondered many times before in this, my favorite season, where will Autumn lead me? Where will it lead you? Autumn is not just a time, but also a place we travel through.

Text and images, copyright 2008, Ysabel de la Rosa.