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Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

May our families and friends, our blessings and gratitude, and our joy for life be as colorful and delightful as this priceless image of the "Thanksgiving Child!"

Photo by Brandy Taylor from

Ah, mon petit chou

At last, I understand that French term of endearment, "my little cabbage."

I bought an organic cabbage from my local health food store. I bought it simply because it was beautiful. Its shape was flawless, smooth, ovule, and its outside leaves met in the center, gently touching edges as if they were human hands in prayer. I peeled back one of those leaves, and the photo above shows you what I saw.

The architecture of this single cabbage leaf is a work of wonder. Take a moment to look. See if you can count the veins or follow their many pathways without your eye becoming lost in the complexity... of one leaf.

Le chou tasted as wonderful as it looked. This naturally grown, divinely made cabbage tasted positively mellow with a hint of the tang it is so well-known for--just enough to make it interesting to my palate, just enough to make it un chou and not une laitue.

November is a time of harvest. Such wonders as these abound. Let not the abundance blind us to the many marvels ea…