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2012 Poetry Poster Available

My 2012 Poetry Poster is now at the printer. It measures a handy 6 x 11 inches, so it will fit just about anywhere. If you would like to receive one, please email me via the email link on the profile page. 

Please put "poster" in the subject line of your email, and be sure to include your physical mailing address in the body of the email. I mail the posters anywhere in the world. In years past, they have traveled to Scotland, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Haiti, and Mexico, as well as to many different states in the US. Yes... it's free.  Why? Because it's fun. So, if you'd like to have a mini-poetry poster for yourself or to give to a friend, just say so! Posters will mail in early May.

Speed is the Demon

Our friend J. was on his way to a meeting today, driving down the two-lane road from his home in the country. Someone Else was driving down that same road, coming from the other direction. Someone Else was in a hurry and decided to pass the car in front of him, even though he could not see around that car. What Someone Else could not see was our friend in his car. By the time SE saw J.'s car, he was crashing into it, head-on.

J. reacted quickly and pulled his car just enough to the right to keep from getting killed, but not from being badly injured. At this point, we know he has two dislocated hips, internal bleeding, a broken femur and a cracked vertebra. Rescue workers cut J. from his Ford Expedition and got him to the hospital. A whole bunch of us are spinning prayer wheels right now for J and his wife, who is at the hospital with him. He is undergoing more tests as the doctors look for additional injuries.

The title of the old rock song "War" could just have easily bee…

Substance Perfectly Formed: The Poetry of Jessica Fenlon

pull the twist tie out of my larynx
and let the word-slices come out
so I may toast and butter them
sprinkle on some cinnamon
make a poem or two
Jessica Fenlon

The poem is from Jessica Fenlon's book, spiritual side effects. Yes, you are seeing correctly. No caps here. In fact, in this 80-page poetry collection, you could probably count the capital letters on two hands. Free verse has suffered greatly at the pens of poets who consider rearranged prose to equal poetry and those who don't grasp the role structural consistency plays in meaning and beauty. Free verse is not free because it is structureless. At its best, it creates its own structure, which is exactly what Fenlon does in her poetry:  with consistency, intuition, and insight.

Observing Fenlon's technical skill with words, lines, spaces and hyphens is like admiring the finger technique of a virtuoso pianist. Such technique makes a big difference in the final product, and working poets can learn a great deal about…