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Plum Out of Purple!

I needed two purple pillows and set out to find them one afternoon. But they were not to be found. In fact, purple itself was not to be found. Wal-Mart--no. Target--no. Bed Bath and Beyond--no. Linens and Things--no. Ashley Furniture Home Store--no. Big Lots: At last! They had one. One purple pillow. The staff at BBB told me that they have requests for purple items all the time, but this major Big Box retailer has not carried anything purple in three years. Office Depot no longer has purple notebooks, either, though they do have purple file folders.

Good grief, Charlie Brown! Who decided that you and I could not purchase purple any more? So, a few colors are more "in" some years than others. Fine. But making a great, rich, rewarding color like purple disappear?

Who decided to take purple away from us, and when, and why?


RENATO said…
im like this page
B Todd said…
My favorite color. Kind of puts me in the minority (again). Think I'll wear my purple socks today, the ones I had to search high and low for.

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